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Star Wars – The Clone Wars: This trilogy of episodes dives into concepts of the Force and ancient Jedi prophecy like never before, and represent an unusually deep exploration direct from George Lucas of some of the saga’s biggest concepts. While there will undoubtedly be questions about how much that is experienced in the Mortis realm can be defined as “real,” the answers will surely depend on your own point of view.

 Overlords: Link di una guida fatta molto bene

Altar of Mortis: Link di una guida fatta molto bene
Ghosts of Mortis:Link di una guida fatta molto bene

Very cool conversation between Father and Son:  

Father: You are growing stronger my son.
Son:  Am I father.
Father:  Vanity however is getting the better of you.
Son:  How So? 
Father:  You have done what is forbidden, You have chosen the Dark side  and allowed it to feed you danger and desire for power.
Son: By bringing the chosen one here you have shown me my potential you have only yourself to blame.
Father:  Do not do this son. Do not become what you should not. Be strong  I implore you.  Or else I should be forced to contain you.
Son:  You look frail father…
Father:  I am not dead yet.
Son:  Well, perhaps I am tired of waiting.  I HATE YOU..


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  1. orionstel ha detto:

    Consiglio vivamente a tutti di guardere questi 3 episodi.


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